Our Doors Are Open! - All County® Excellence Property Management | All County Excellence Property Management

Our Doors Are Open! - All County® Excellence Property Management

Located in the South Florida area, we've recently opened our doors here at All County® Excellence Property Management. We're happy to give the community in Broward County and the surrounding area the quality level of service they've been looking for in a property management company. Property owners and renters alike now have a great team to turn to when they're looking for solutions for their investment or for a home or apartment in the area to rent.

Our team is lead by Dr. Winston Chin, who is a long time Fort Lauderdale resident. Dr. Chin's 15 years of management experience gives him the skills and knowledge necessary to connect with property investors and renters. In addition, he also served as the local community at JFK Tutoring. His role as president with JFK tutoring and working with the Miami-Dade County Public School System taught him the value of each relationship and in assisting every person he meets.

“Providing property management with a mark of excellence and experience to the many investors in the South Florida area is my pledge,” Dr. Chin said.

Trust and reliability have been an important part of Dr. Chin's approach and contributing those values to the All County® franchise as it expands is a key goal for him. After meeting with All County® co-founder Sandy Ferrera, Dr. Chin knew he would have the chance he had been looking for to serve the community and property investors in Fort Lauderdale for years to come.

“We’re proud to have a leader like Winston Chin at the helm of our new location,” Sandy Ferrera said. “His team is talented and prepared to expand the All County® franchise into the Ft. Lauderdale area.”

Hearing such firm support makes us excited to offer full service property management to the Fort Lauderdale area. With marketing, tenant screening, lease execution, maintenance, inspection services, and more, we can't wait to turn your property into the investment you've always wanted it to be.